McDougal Design produces Real Estate based magazines. If you have a desire to produce a magazine, we would be interested in helping you start a local magazine. We can provide everything needed to produce a state of the art, quality usable product for your community. While we have extensive experience in creating listing magazines for real estate this format can easily be transferred to other products like cars for sale or cupons for example. We can also provide design service for a wide array of other general interest publications you may want to establish. We can provide everything needed from copy to finished online and print products.

McDougal Design produces newsletters when our customers provide copy, art renderings and photos (clip art when needed can be provided by McDougal Design.). We convert the raw information into a completed product. Customers can arrange for their own printing or McDougal Design can broker the printing for them. Our in-house imaging capability allows us to control all aspects of the pre-press production process from proofing to completed plate ready negatives. Flat rate pricing gives our customers the freedom to supply whatever information they would like and know in advance the cost of our services for each issue. Newsletters can be converted to, or created in, .html code or Adobe Acrobat files to be distributed on the World Wide Webb.

Brochures are an effective means of conveying valuable information when face to face contact may not be possible. Brochures are for "wetting the appetite" to convince the reader to go further in their research and eventually buying your product or service. Color is very effective in relaying the important information the buyer needs before making their decision to purchase. As with all marketing tools the cost should be weighed against the profit potential. Brochures are often kept on hand for referral so it's a good idea to create something worth saving.

Fliers are single page one sided pieces that usally have a short life span and need high impact visibility. Fliers can be anything form single color to full color. Many fliers can be produced and delivered quickly to meet the need of close in marketing strategies. Next day delivery can even be achieved when necessary. If your looking for an attention grabbing inexpencive marketing tool, a flyer may be just what you need.

Business cards are a front line player in graphic communication and are an important way for long term contact information to be placed in the hands of current and potential client / costumers. They can be designed and printed on a wide variety of stock and ink combinations or to match your stationary. We can provide the cost of business cards instantly - just call! Both thermographed (raised letter) and flat printed cards can produced. Design and proofing is always completed prior to printing, you will know what your card will look like before completion of the order. Custom color combinations can be accommodated and volume discounts can be arranged.

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